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If you’re considering divorce or are in a divorce (sometimes referred to as a legal separation), get legal help from some of the top divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs at Maceau Law with more than 30 years experience to help you get what’s right and fair for you and your family. Read the information and watch the video below to learn what Maceau Law can do for you:

According to the United States Census Bureau, the divorce rate in American is currently at 50 percent, meaning many people require the services of a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers specialize in the legal process of divorce and family law issues. Their job is to guide their clients through the rigorous experience of divorce. A great divorce lawyer will communicate well, fight for their client’s rights and make sure they are treated fairly under the law. Choosing a good divorce attorney can make the divorce process much smoother.

Additionally, the sooner you hire an attorney, the better, even if both sides are in agreement. There are many legal details (taxes, ownership, wills, custody, and such) that an experienced attorney can guide you through to make the transition to divorce as seamless and painless as possible.

VIDEO: Why hire divorce lawyers?

In the video below, experienced Colorado Springs divorce attorney, Mr. Greg Maceau, explains why you should hire a divorce lawyer and what you can expect from Maceau Law:

How to choose a divorce lawyer

In order to choose the right attorney, assure they meet the following criteria:

  • Hire an attorney experienced in family law:
    In some states, lawyers can become board-certified in family law. These lawyers specialize in family law issues and divorce cases. In order to be certified, an attorney much pass a rigorous test and have significant trail experience in this area. In order to maintain their certification, lawyers must continue their education in family law on a yearly basis.Although a board-certified family lawyer will likely charge more, they are more experienced and have a greater understanding of family law than lawyers who are not certified. Moreover, if a person believes their divorce case will end up in court, choosing an attorney with adequate court room experience is imperative.
  • Choose a divorce lawyer who is familiar with local judges:
    When trying a divorce case, it is helpful if the lawyer is familiar with the judges who are likely to hear the case. This is a benefit because a lawyer who knows how a judge typically rules will know how to present a successful case.
  • Choose a lawyer who understands the important issues:
    When a divorcing couple has young children, each spouse’s lawyer should understand the importance of placing the children’s needs above all. This includes not pursuing unreasonable demands that will ultimately work to the detriment of the affected children.
  • Hire a lawyer who speaks in easy-to-understand language:
    Clients want their lawyer to communicate with them in simple terms not legalese. For that reason, choosing a lawyer who understands how to communicate well is smart. In addition, a client must feel comfortable with their lawyer. After all, very personal information about their lives are shared with their attorney. Therefore, feeling comfortable with the attorney is a must. A great way to determine this customer service aspect of a divorce lawyer is speaking to their past clients.

Divorce Proceedings

After a divorce lawyer is hired, they will begin the divorce proceedings. Their main goals are as follows:

Dividing assets and debts:
One part of a divorce attorney’s job is helping divide the assets and debts accumulated during a marriage in an agreeable manner between both parties. This includes any financial holdings, vehicles or property a couple may have owned together. During the divorce proceedings, a divorce lawyer will argue to the benefit of their client in regards to personal holdings.

Determining custody:
When children are present within a marriage, the divorce attorney must help their client as they seek a custody arrangement in regards to their children. This includes visitation rights, primary custody and child support payment amounts. In some cases, these issues are argued in court, and sometimes they are settled out of court.

Other issues a divorce attorney handles:
Divorce attorneys also handle premarital and prenuptial agreements and answer post-divorce questions. Many divorce attorneys are sought after to construct a tight prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement will prevent any of a client’s current or future assets from being in jeopardy during divorce proceedings. In some cases, divorce attorneys are asked by clients how to change their name from their married one, how to modify a divorce decree or how to change child support or alimony payments after a divorce is finalized.

A divorce attorney will likely need copies of the following documents:

  • Proof of income for both parties. Pay stubs are usually adequate to show each spouse’s income. This would also include income tax returns.
  • Documents that show ownership of real estate owned by either spouse of jointly.
    An itemized list of debts accumulated by the parties. This would include all debts including credit cards, loans or medical bills either in one spouse’s name or both.
  • Documentation showing vehicle ownership. This includes the title and registration of all automobiles, snowmobiles, boats, ATVs, farm equipment or any other vehicle owned by either spouse or jointly. This also includes a copy of moneys owed on vehicles.
  • A copy of recent pension fund, retirement funds, mutual funds, 401K plans or IRAs.
    Documentation of all life insurance policies.
  • Bank statements from checking and savings accounts. These would include accounts held by either spouse of jointly.

Having the above documents ready will help make the divorce process go smoother. Of course, each lawyer desires different documentation for each case. Before proceeding to a lawyer’s office, a client should ask their divorce lawyer what documentation they should bring along.

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